Endou Nozumi
Endou Nozumi
Japanese Name 延藤希
Rōmaji Name
Age 22
Gender Female
Hair Color
Eye Color
Height 167cm
Blood Type B
Birthday June 1
Occupation Waitress
Affiliation Reinan University (Formerly)
Hometown Hachiouji, Tokyo, Japan
School Club Naginata Club
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 27

Endou Nozumi was the captain of the Naginata Club at Reinan University until she graduated and appointed Akiko Takakura the next captain.


Nozomi used to have medium-length hair until the later chapters, where her hair grew longer. 


Nozomi Endou is known to have a hot-temper as she is easily angered. When CacaoKid took off her top during a photoshoot, she used an uppercut to punch him. 


Takakura AkikoEdit

She and Akiko are good friends. 

Endou ChiyoEdit

She is Nozomi's grandmother and the Naginata Club Instructor. 

Minami HirokiEdit

Minami and Endou first met when they were both looking for a job at Iskandar. They began dating after a while. She and Minami trained for his fight with Andre Makinba




  • Both Nozomi and Minami used to be the captains of their respective clubs, with Minami being the former captain of The Second Karate Club while Nozomi was the Naginata Club's ex-captain.

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