Aniya Souhachi
Aniya Souhachi
Japanese Name
Rōmaji Name
Alias Absolute Master of The Fist
Gender Male
Hair Color
Eye Color
Blood Type
Hometown Okinawa, Japan
School Club
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 41

Hailed as the Absolute Master of The Fist in Ryūkyū Kobujutsu, Aniya Souhachi is a legendary master of karate. Everyone who studies or practices karate knows of Aniya's name. Originally from Okinawa, he has been in America for more than 5 years to promote Kobujutsu (Old Style Martial Arts).


At first glance, he is seemingly an old and small humble looking man, until he actually fights. Because he was hooked on bodybuilding in America, when he takes off his shirt, his body looks just like Arnold Schwarzenegger's or Yamagishi Hidetada's…


He is incredibly well known and a very inspirational man to many in the karate world. While many have gathered together to see and meet him at Okinawa for an instruction, he instead offered one-on-one fights, and is willing to show all that he's worth, even though most of the students didn’t fight seriously or just stood back- except Mutou.


  • Mutou Ryuuji: He gave a true fight to, but paused because Akamine Kazutora stopped the game. After the Kaburagi National Tournament, he trained Mutou and took him across the globe to fight other big/worthy fighters. Which resulted in Mutou becoming even more terribly strong than his previous self.
  • Kaburagi Juuzou: Acquainted/Previous "playmate"





  • Loves to drink
  • Ryūkyū Kobujutsu is an ancient Martial Art of the Ryukyu Islands in Japan. It is also known as Okinawan kobudō, referring to weapon systems in the Okinawan Martial Arts.

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